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Date:  Jan 28, 2012

About Us


Parsian Group is a manufacturing company specialized in development of marine structures.

We are the only manufacturer of patented floating concrete structures in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Caspian Sea.

VIP Delegate from Oman Fishery Ministry visit Parsian floating concrete pontoon, Rajaei Port

Our patent for floating concrete objects, including but not limited to pontoons, jetties, and breakwater segments provides our clients worldwide with reconfigurable floating structures for open sea and fresh water facilities.

Our unique patented pile holder is a versatile mooring system for use in all floating structures (concrete, steel and polyethylene) in tidal zones.

Parsian products have been in service for nearly one decade. The most recent completed projects are:

Kouhestak Fishing port, Minab, Persian Gulf
Recreation and Kayak port, Rajaei marine complex, Persian Gulf

All projects either completed or ongoing, have been turn-key projects; thoroughly studied, designed, and installed by Parsian Group.
We also provide contractors with precast concrete pontoons and other floating objects ready to be installed in all kind of projects by experienced contractors



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